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A list of courses I've taken and some thoughts.
This page is inspired by Wan Shen Lim.

Fall 2019 (Junior year, semester 1)

Courseload: Moderate, slightly on the light side.

Sprint 2019 (Sophomore year, semester 2)

Courseload: Moderate - heavy.
Comments: OS took up vast majority of my time, but it is the most rewarding course I've taken at CMU, and it is well worth it.

Fall 2018 (Sophomore year, semester 1)

Courseload: Moderate.
Comments: Computer Security has some really fun homeworks.

Spring 2018 (Freshman year, semester 2)

Courseload: Death.
Comments: 15-213 is just deadline-after-deadline, and 15-251's weekly quizzes are stressful. The two classes do not mix well together, especially with 15-150 on top of that. Would not recommend ever doing this, since there is absolutely no point.

Fall 2017 (Freshman year, semester 1)

Courseload: Moderate